Psytec Games is very happy to announce that a new version of Crystal Rift is now available on Steam Early Access. Check out below for highlights!

Release Features

  • Oculus Rift 0.7 SDK Build (Beta)
  • Storyline additions and updates
  • Combat system overhaul
  • New Menu Design
  • VR improvements/additional features, including Static Visual Cues and Seated Options
  • Gamepad Hotplugging and Alternative Layouts
  • Gamepad Support expanded, including PS4, Xbox One and Generic XInput compatible Gamepads
  • Gamepad Rumble Support
  • Support for Treadmills
  • Binaural Sound Support
  • Level design changes/improvements, model/texture improvements & More…

Crystal Rift on Steam :

Whomping Oak Witch Doctor

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