Psytec Games is very happy to announce that a new version of Crystal Rift is now available on Steam Early Access. Check out below for highlights!

It’s a huge day for us, Crystal Rift is now Content Complete, you can now enter the Dungeon, Enjoy the Story and Complete the Game, you can even open up a bonus level if you are skilled enough to find all 22 Crystal Idols. We are incredibly proud of reaching this point and we will continue to listen to feedback, polish and refine until we leave Early Access in Q1 2016

Release Features

  • Crystal Rift can now be Completed! story and content is now in great shape.
  • Lots of New Monsters, including bigger encounters, alternative AI and new monster skins.
  • 26 Levels, including new boss encounters, a bonus level for collecting all 22 Crystal Idols and end game bonus content.
  • Hundreds of secret skulls to find.
  • Monster AI has been upgraded, monsters are more intelligent and don’t stick in doorways or stand on the other side of obstacles.
  • 60+ new voice samples and lots of new sound effects.
  • 7 new themed music tracks (18 in total now!).
  • Some amazing new levels (Level 17 is my favorite, but 22+ are must see).
  • Oculus Rift 0.8 SDK Build (Beta).
  • Lots of new Game Blocks with new environments and puzzles.
  • Steam VR Updated to 1.0.7.
  • Spatialized Sound Updates.
  • Improvements to Controls.
  • Hundreds of fixes and tweaks.





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