Alpha 1 Demo with DK2 and 0.4 Oculus Rift Support

This Alpha release support SDK2 with Positional Tracking etc

Unfortunately it’s Windows because Oculus have yet to release the OSX SDK for SDK2.

Download CrystalRiftSDK2_Alpha1



  • Panda says:

    hi guys,
    first of all: thanks for the fast DK2 support.
    i just tried a little. that fire thing scared the crap out of me. i am not into horror games but this is quit nice with the puzzles.

    some suggestions:

    – the constant heartbeat make me feel more annoyed as scared.
    – moving is little fast i got motion sick. maybe little more smooth movement would help?
    – low ceiling make me feel too high, if adjust the motion sensor i feel too small.

    rest is cool! keep on the good work. greetings from china.

  • tom says:

    Unfortunately everything seems to be inverted, left eye is where right should be, and I seem to be looking behind character, S moves forward and W moves backwards, using space triggers elements behind my back. As for eyes, I tried closing each and it seems like they are other way around for sure.

  • Posthuman says:

    Hi, just got my DK2 and trying to run CrystalRiftSDK2_DirectToRift.exe, but it seems to close immediately after start-up. The “Demo scene” and Tuscany work correctly in direct mode!


    • Posthuman says:

      Nevermind; “CrystalRiftSDK2_DirectToRift.exe” worked when I set the Rift Display Mode from “Direct HMD Access” to “Extend Desktop”!

      It looked really crisp and the controls worked really well, moving in set distances while walking around helped with getting used to wearing the HMD again.

      Looking forward to a next version πŸ™‚

    • Jon says:

      You may need to update your firmware, this happened to me the SDK2 0.4 drivers are awfully buggy :-(, Changing to Extended Desktop helps with some Unity based games like Crystal Rift

  • Zarkow says:

    Using DK2:
    The CrystalRiftSDK2_DirectToRift crashes on launch – the CrystalRiftSDK2 executes and renders in a desktop window – but nothing in the DK2 if using Direct rendering mode.

  • Albino says:

    Hey there. Wanted to try your demo but its not really practical because of the qwerty layout. Would you mind adding the usual unity start dialog with the input tab at the start ? Or is there already a way to set the keys in this version ?

  • Philippe says:

    I get a lot of blur when moving my head around, is it normal? How do I check my fps? It doesn’t feel laggy at all, but there it a lot of blurriness whenever I’m moving my head =(

    • Philippe says:

      Just to say that at least with frap im getting 40ish fps when looking at the fires so that’s probably the problem

  • clawjelly says:

    That face, dude! Not cool! Almost crapped my pants…

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