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Dev Log and Steam Sharing

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We have started to share an insight into the development progress of Crystal Rift, We’re pretty excited about what we’ve been working on, and hope you like it.

We will keep you updated on steam and on the development over at Tig Source :

P.S Your sharing of Crystal Rift is making a massive difference, THANK YOU you are amazing!

It’s easy to help, just open a chat window to each of your Friends inside Steam and copy and paste the following text to each chat window, it makes it quick for them to click the link and vote! and only takes a minute, this action makes a huge difference and helps Crystal Rift make it’s way onto steam!

Hi!, I found Crystal Rift on Steam Greenlight, its a Grid Based VR Dungeon Crawler that I would love to see on Steam, please take a few seconds to watch the video and vote here: they need your help!

We really do need your help to get Crystal Rift on to Steam, we need so many votes (10,000!)

Thank you everyone for your amazing support!

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Thank you for you votes, they are really making a difference.

The feedback and comments have been amazing and we have been very busy implementing improvements, we have been out on the road this week to VR in a Bar in London, which was a great experience, and wonderful to meet people who are fans of the game or who now are.

Some more stuff happened online so here are a few bits that stood out:

Oculus tweeted about us on the 22nd:
20Q with Nick:
Oculus Hut You Tube Video:

Please take a minute and share this campaign with your friends and help us make it happen!, we really do need community support

Here’s the Crystal Rift Direct URL:

Here is a Twitter link (You can change the text once clicked):

Here are some pictures you can use:

And if you could post to your Facebook friends and other social networks that would be amazing!

New Demo and Steam Greenlight Campaign

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We are proud to be part of an amazing VR indie community and happy to announce that our Steam Greenlight campaign is now live, along with a new VR alpha demo, which contains significant additions and improvements.

Vote for Crystal Rift on Greenlight at


A new Crystal Rift Aplha 7 (Greenlight) demo for Oculus Rift DK2 0.4.2 is available at

Crystal Rift – Alpha 6 Demo: Fireballs, Menus and a Surprise

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Crystal Rift – Alpha 6 Demo release for Oculus DK2 0.4.2


Crystal Rift is an experiential horror challenge game developed primarily for virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift. It was inspired by classic games such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder with square based movement.

Download Crystal Rift DK2 Alpha 6

Change Log:
The map has changed again giving a longer demo and more of a challenge
Game Menus
A Number Improved Textures and Models
Plank Pits
More puzzles
Show your FPS (F Key)
A Surprise ride near the end
Lots and Lots of minor improvements and bug fixes

Please read the included Readme for game keys and launch instructions